Govtech to Promote Innovation in Cordoba’s City (Argentina)

febrero 1 @ 11:00 12:00 UTC-3

The city of Córdoba is experiencing an acceleration in its public and social innovation processes thanks to public-private coordination under a govtech approach. In this event, the responsible for CorLab, the platform making this transformation possible, will share the challenges and advantages of the coordination projects between public organisms and private companies.


Luciano Crisafulli, Founder and CEO of the Govtech Innovation Laboratory of Córdoba (Argentina), CorLab.

CorLab has been a driver of the city‘s govtech policy, contributing to the transformation of the local public sector and placing the city at the forefront of govtech programs. In CorLab, Luciano successfully led the design and execution of the pioneering Córdoba Smart City Fund, recognized by OECD, CAF, and IADB Lab as the first govtech fund in Latin America.

Luciano is an Economist (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba). He holds a Master in Economic Development (Universidad Internacional de Andalucía) and a Master in Political Management (Universidad Católica de Córdoba). He is an undergraduate and postgraduate Professor at the Universities of Argentina, Perú, and El Salvador, specializing in Economics and Innovation. Also, he is an internationally recognized influencer, sharing insights on topics within public innovation and govtech.

In the private sector, Luciano worked in Alaya Capital, a Latam venture capital firm, and he led open innovation processes for medium and big companies.

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