Córdoba participa de la NASA Space Apps Challenge 2020

Sep 28, 2020 | Novedades

El hackathon mas grande del mundo muy pronto en Cordoba. Inscribite en: http://bit.ly/CBASpaceApps

Hello, Space Apps community!

Space Apps 2020 will be coming to you on October 2-4. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and in the interest of our global community’s health and safety, this year’s hackathon will be an all-virtual event. In other words, all local events will be moved online. Our theme for this year’s event — «Take Action» — is a critical reminder that you can make a difference, even from the comfort and safety of home.

For this year’s hackathon, we’d like to welcome our space agency partners: CSA, CNES, JAXA, and ESA. Like NASA, they will be providing data and resources, subject-matter experts, and more!


As you begin your Space Apps journey, we encourage you to keep the following information in mind. For comprehensive guides, please consult the Space Apps Challenge 2020 Participant FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions). Other guides (on the chat platform, on team formation, on project submission, and on judging and awards) will be posted as the hackathon draws closer. All guides can be found on the Space Apps resources page and on your user dashboard under «Materials».

  • Register for a Location!
    • You will not be able to participate in the hackathon until you have registered for a location. Please click the «Register Now» button on this page to register for this location. Or create a Space Apps account (if you do not already have one) to register.
    • If there is a location for your city or for a city near you, please register for that location. (Locations will be added through early September, so please check back for your location.)
    • If you do not see a local event for your city, please join the Universal Event. It is for everyone who is not affiliated with a location. You will be able to meet other people joining the Universal Event and form teams! (If a location near you is added at a later date, you may change your location.)
    • You can change your location at any time in your user dashboard, once you have created an account. Select «Change Location.»
    • Registration will be open through the end of the hackathon. However, we encourage you to create an account and register for a location at least one week before the hackathon in order to join the chat rooms and form teams.
  • Connect with your Local Lead: Each location page contains contact information for the “Local Leads” — the Space Apps volunteers from your location who will be organizing virtual gatherings for your location and providing support to participants both prior to and during the hackathon. (The Universal Event also has a Local Lead.)
  • Save the Date: The hackathon will begin Saturday, October 3 at 9:00 AM local time, when you and your team will be able to submit projects. The hackathon will end on Sunday, October 4 at 11:59 PM local time. The chat rooms and team formation are now open (see below).
  • Recruit Friends: We encourage you to invite your friends along! Typical Space Apps teams have 2-6 participants (the limit is 6 members per team). Space Apps is all about collaboration and the most successful teams are often ones with a diverse set of skills and expertise — coding, storytelling, creativity, data, science, engineering, technology, and more.
  • Connect with the Community: Follow Space Apps on TwitterFacebook, and YouTube to receive the latest announcements. In mid-September, tune in to our Virtual Bootcamp to access exclusive content from NASA, Local Leads, Space Apps Ambassadors, and former Global Winners. Guests will provide relevant workshops on data and other topics, discuss challenge themes, and provide tips for having a successful hackathon experience.
  • Pick a Challenge: The challenges are now available! Browse the options and decide which one you want to solve! Recommended data for each challenge can be found by clicking the «Resources» tab.
  • Join the Chat Rooms: Space Apps chat is now open. Launch the chat from your Dashboard (under Communications). In the chat, you can connect with other participants in your location and search for teammates. From October 2-4, you will also be able to access the challenge channels. Join the channel for your challenge to connect with Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs) and Space Apps Ambassadors. They will be answering questions about the challenges and the data. Learn more: Space Apps 2020 Chat Guide.
  • Join a Team: Team formation is now open. You can create your own team or request to join an existing team. To join an existing team, browse the teams on your location page or the challenge page of your choice. Learn more: Space Apps 2020 Team Formation Guide.
  • Submit a Project: Once the hackathon starts on October 3 at 9AM (local time), start solving! Before the event ends, remember to complete your team’s project page (where you describe your project, tell us about the data you used, and share a demonstration of your project).
  • Judging and Awards: Space Apps is all about collaboration and problem solving. However, we do offer awards to the most promising projects. More information about judging and awards can be found in the Participant FAQ and will be shared closer to the start of the hackathon.

Learn more! Do you want to know more about the challenges, chat rooms, project submission, and awards and other important information? Please consult the Participant FAQ and other guides (once they are posted) on the Space Apps resources page and on your user dashboard.

Thank you! We’re looking forward to a fun-filled Space Apps weekend!

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